5 signs that your Employee Wellbeing Programme has a chance to succeed!

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Many organisations have a very superficial view on employee wellbeing and health in the workplace and believe that it only involves implementing health and safety legislation.

Initiatives are often very generous and well meaning, but fail to address the real underlying issues that impact on individual and organisational health.

Below you can learn if your programme has what it takes to succeed!

1. You have an up to date definition of health and employee wellbeing in the workplace

You have adopted a holistic model with measures addressing not only workplace safety but the underlying causes of ill health in the workplace.

2. Your approach is data driven

You are using an evidence based approach with relevant benchmarks to give you a baseline, as well as realistic targets. Feedback is collected from your workforce which provides you with an understanding of the presenting issues within your organisation. This is a constant cycle of data collection and targeted execution

3. Your plan is articulated with vision, goals and measures.

You have a clear data-based plan, with a vision, goals, measures and plans to promote action areas. The measures may include Healthy Place to Work survey scores, absence rates related to health, litigation related to stress, workplace accidents, healthcare insurance costs, staff retention or attrition, underperformance, employer brand and general engagement levels.

4. Your leaders are Role Models

Change needs to be led from the top. Senior Leaders need to be committed and act as role models. Health numbers need to be as important as financial numbers. Management needs to lead on this issue, not just follow. Everybody is committed to the successful implementation of that plan

5. You have developed a Culture of Health

Organisations who are serious about this topic will have a route and branch review to ensure that their culture is consistent with their stated aspirations about the health of their workforce – They will create a healthy culture throughout the organisation.