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Version 1 journey to become a Healthy Place to Work

2017 – The Start

Health initiatives were singular events. With significant growth in Version 1 and further growth planned, they needed a health strategy that improved their overall organisational performance, enabling employees to bring their “A” game in order to deliver excellence to their customers.

To achieve this they needed to;

  • Develop a health strategy that aligned to the overall company strategy
  • Leadership support
  • Enhanced communication


Strategic approach to Health and Well-being implemented.

“My Well-being” model launched. – a holistic health and Well-being framework.

Created a Healthy Place Development Plan.

2019 – Communication and transparency key to success
  • CEO and senior management team promote Well-being initiatives to increase organisational performance
  • Health and Well-being integrated as a core module of managers training
    programme (Strength in Balance)
  • Health and Well-being champion network launched
  • Initiatives communicated company wide
  • New employee experience team created to lead Health & Well-being

  • Digital approach to health and Well-being was further embedded
  • 42 Company wide health and Well-being specific events
  • Digital Excellence Awards – with over 126 submissions highlighting high
  • CallOut Platform launched – enabling peer to peer reward and recognition

The dial had definitely moved…
In 2021 Version 1’s overall Health Score was 81% with pillars scores of
Purpose 84%, Mental Resilience 83%, Connection 87%, and Physical Health 69%

Since 2017, Version 1 has trebled in size. In April 2022 a Swiss private equity
company, Partners Group, acquired a majority stake in Version 1 valuing the
business at €800 million.

Key Stats
2018 820 engagements
2019 2,036 engagements
2020 4,200 engagements
Overall Engagement
2018 79%
2019 80%
2020 85%
4 Key Pillars of this Healthy Workplace Score
PILLAR 2018 2019 2020
PURPOSE 69% 71% 81%
CONNECTION 74% 76% 85%