Healthy Place to Work Survey


Healthy Place to Work® has developed an easy-to-use set of tools and techniques for organisations to monitor and improve the performance and health of employees.

The Healthy Place To Work® survey evaluates the perception of your employees about their individual health and the culture of health within the organisation.

It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

The survey contains:

  • 66 core statements used by Healthy Place To Work® for Certification.
  • Additional statements specific to the organisation can be included if required.
  • Open-response questions are included to allow your employees to voice additional opinions

Using a Likert scale from ‘almost always untrue’ to ‘almost always true’ they have a range of available responses from positive or inconsistent to negative.



In addition to the 66 statements, Healthy Place to work also includes 9 core personal health-related demographic questions which are compulsory

  1. Relates to the individual’s perception of their weight level
  2. Relates to weekly alcohol consumption
  3. Relates to recency of last medical check-up
  4. Relates to whether the individual is a Smoker or not
  5. Relates to the days off work as a result of illness in the last 6 months for the individual
  6. Relates to a general perception of their current health status
  7. Relates to the Voluntary Activity outside of work an individual engages in
  8. Relates to the number of Hours worked by the individual
  9. Relates to how well the individual believes they are managing financially


Depending on the structure and scale of the organisation demographic questions are included relating to a number of organisational and role dimensions – this is essential to facilitate reporting and data analysis.

These questions can include

  • Location
  • Department/Division/Section/Team
  • Manager/Non-manager
  • Time in role
  • Years of service
  • Gender
  • Age

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