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For clients, one of the greatest benefits of engaging with Healthy Place to Work is the fact that we provide them with a global standard and a global recognition brand. This is particularly beneficial to organisations who operate in multiple geographies. The fact that they can implement a tried and tested universal, globally consistent model and methodology is tremendously advantageous. For them it simplifies the analysis of results and the reporting process. It allows easy internal comparison of results across regions as you are comparing like with like data points. A globally consistent model also facilitates extensive benchmarking giving real meaning to results allowing comparisons to external industries, sectors or populations.

Clients also tell us they value our independence. The fact that this is our sole business is important to them who have complained about others who have entered markets as a means to promote another part of their own business. Healthy Place to Work is solely dedicated to promoting a global standard by creating healthy workplaces all over the globe.

Finally, the Healthy Place to Work brand is fast becoming ubiquitous across the world, and is recognised as a high standard for all organisations to aspire to. Being certified as a Healthy Place to Work is seen by current employees and future talent as a beacon of pride and an attractor of talent, something all organisation’s future’s depends upon.

Hughes Insurance, part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group


“I am proud that Hughes Insurance has become the first organisation in Northern Ireland to be recognised as a Healthy Place to Work for two consecutive years. We have always prioritised the health of our employees and once again, the data that we have received from the Healthy Place to Work process has allowed us to measure the impact of the actions that we have taken to improve the wellbeing of our staff. “Following our participation in last year’s process, we updated our health and wellbeing strategy. Over the past year, we have seen how much this has benefitted our employees and are incredibly pleased to be certified again this year.”

Bernie McHugh Sonner, Director of Operations and Customer Services at Hughes Insurance

Version 1


“Becoming a Healthy Place to Work was a significant milestone for our company. Being spread across five countries presents its own set of challenges and it has been absolutely critical to ensure our employees are happy and healthy. We have been able to benchmark our progress through the data provided during the process and are now updating and creating initiatives and strategies across our operations to ensure our workforce is the healthiest it can be.”

Lorna McAdoo, Director of Operations and Business Development NI, Version 1

R&D tax credit specialists, Amplifi Solutions


“we are thrilled that Amplifi Solutions is one of the first companies in Northern Ireland to become a Healthy Place to Work. The last year has been a challenging one and it feels great to be able to take a strategic approach to improving the overall health and wellbeing of our employees. The holistic insight that is provided during the process is truly transformational and I am looking forward to seeing the benefits, for both our employees and the company, of being a Healthy Place to Work.”

Chris Maylin and Jeff Drennan, Managing Partners at Amplifi Solutions



“If you look after the health and wellbeing of all your employees then they will look after your business performance”

Shay Walsh, CEO BT Ireland

Boyum IT


“We are proud and honoured to obtain the Healthy Place to Work certification as the first Danish company ever. Our employees are the core of our company – they are the ones living our culture and ultimately those who drive our company forward in the day-to-day business. For many years, we’ve worked hard to establish and nurture our Energy for LIFE culture across our locations, promoting core values of Family, Social, Fit, and Excellence. Staying true to these values and making them meaningful for our employees in their everyday work ensures happiness and continuation at work and makes us a stronger, more solid, and more sustainable company. The certification emphasizes the positive results of working strategically with our culture and with employee satisfaction – namely that that Boyum IT is a healthy place to work”

Boyum IT Founder and CEO, Mikael Boyum

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