Our Values

The values we aspire to are very close to our heart. We hope people who interact with our organisation will view it as different and will see that the values we espouse are key to that difference.


The first and overriding value of Healthy Place to Work is unsurprisingly – HEALTHY. We must be seen to live the dream. We are asking organisations to view all aspects of their operations through the lens of the impact on workforce health. We will do likewise. We will constantly review everything we do to ensure that all employees are healthy. We will have a culture that supports people to be the healthiest they can possibly be so that they have the vitality to flourish at work and beyond.


The second value of Healthy Place to Work takes its origin from Japan. It is made up of the two Japanese words – Kai and Zen when mean ‘Change’ and ‘Better’. The focus here is to have a restless spirit toward constant improvement in everything we are and in everything we do (get better). From a personal point of view we will not compare ourselves constantly with others but rather will try to be a constantly better version of ourselves.


While ‘Supportive Relationships’ may be seen to relate to our Value ‘Healthy For Life’ we believe it is important enough to separate it out as its own value. We believe that positive and supportive relationships are key to success. We will not tolerate undermining behaviours no matter how subtle. We ask people to particularly call out any bullying (which will not be tolerated) or passive aggressive behaviours.


Sometimes the word discipline has negative connotations however at Healthy Place to Work we see it in an incredibly positive light. It means that we can depend on everybody around us to meet their commitments. We set clear goals and we support each other to achieve those goals. We deliver on our promises. If for any reason we can’t deliver we call it out early so that we can mitigate the situation.


Life is short. We should do everything in our gift to ensure that everybody is enjoying their time at Healthy Place to Work. We do believe that laughter is the best stress reliever in the world (along with a good massage). Therefore, we are creative and innovative in finding ways that we can reduce the stress in our work lives and our personal lives. We will try to match people to projects that they enjoy understanding that there will be times where we have to do work that we may not enjoy. We also understand that our moods have an impact on other people. We will also try to be a beacon of positivity and lighten everybody’s day.


A day without learning is an opportunity missed. With so much change happening we need to grow develop and adapt fast. Healthy Place to Work will be a place to come to learn. We will constantly give people opportunities to learn and in return we ask them to share. We aim to keep up with the latest thinking so that we are educating the marketplace and will be seen as knowledge leaders. Clients will come to us because we can give them the edge based on our superior knowledge. At Healthy Place we love learning new things and will always be open to new ideas and fresh perspectives.

We believe in these values and we will support these values consistently.