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In-depth Assessment and Interpretation post-survey allows you to investigate areas in more depth and to support your Healthy Development strategy planning. Most organisations do not have a Health Plan or a Strategic Health and Wellbeing Strategy. So, the very fact that you are starting this submission puts you in an elite group. We have found that most organisations are implementing a lot of initiatives in the area of employee’s health but have not brought them together in one place yet. Because most organisations are using a very narrow definition of Health, they are not getting recognition for investments they make in many areas like Learning and Development for example.

The Healthy Place To Work® Development Plan is a living breathing document. If we feel your practices are particularly innovative, we will endeavour to promote them to the broader marketplace improving your employer brand. Your Healthy Development Plan will be viewed by your employees as a clear commitment by your organisation to improve their health wellbeing and resilience underpinning the creation of a sustainable business model and a Healthy Place to Work.

The plan focuses on three aspects 1) Vision – organisations describe the vision they have for their employee health and how they integrate health into their strategy, goals, systems and processes 2) Support – how they select areas for special support with practices – giving them an opportunity to highlight strength areas which in turn we will give voice to assist their employee brand and 3) Promote – we ask them to discuss how they build awareness, promote and motivate individual employees to connect with the supports and improve their health status.

We recognise that many organisations may not have any concrete strategy or plan for workplace health when they commence the programme. Our consultants will discuss with you the current activities you undertake that can impact on the level of employee and organisational health in the context of the Health Place To Work model. This will provide a baseline for the development of the Healthy Place Development Plan following the analysis of the survey results in Year 1. In subsequent years, Certification will be based on the combined assessments of the survey and Healthy Place Development Plan.

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