Introducing the Healthy Place To Work®

60-min Healthy Leadership Session

The No.1 tool that will help your C-suite

Do you want to lead a healthy organisation and measure your success?

In 60 high impact minutes we change everything

As you hold a privileged position, your decision can have a lasting positive impact on the health of your people and can improve your organisation’s performance. You set the tone and can focus attention on what matters.

We have the data, and our global research is clear.

If your people believe you care about their health, they will care about your business. If you don’t show you care, they won’t either. If employees genuinely believe the leaders care and are role models, they will reciprocate with higher productivity, energy, collaboration and creativity and stay loyal.

Let’s start with your leadership team.

They hold the key to creating a Healthy Organisation. They must align and define workforce health and become role models for healthy behaviours.

Is your senior team healthy?

We will provide the data and insight for you – Energy, Recovery, Fitness, Diet, Weight, Relationships, Support, Emotional Wellbeing, Belonging, Mental Health, Stress, Alignment, Purpose, Flow, Demand, Optimism, and Culture.

If you would like additional information about or single or multi-site tailored sessions, please contact our team.

Insight & knowledge about workforce health

Benchmark your executive team against a global average including a pre-session senior management survey

Inspire you with examples of practices used by other organisations

About Healthy Place To Work®

Healthy Place To Work® is a global data analytics company providing insight to organisations focused on workplace health. We support organisations to deliver a sustainable and resilient workforce and workplace delivering high performance, using a Holistic and Salutogenic model focused on the factors that build work capacity.

Global Standard for Healthy Workplaces

We deliver better Organisational Performance through Improved Workplace Health. We provide an evidence-based and data driven approach to Employee Health and Wellbeing and we empower organisations with the tools, methodology and expertise to gather, understand and benchmark the data, enabling them to take a strategic approach to workplace health.