A New Perspective on Sustainable High Performance

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The link between individual and organisational health is undeniable. You can’t be a healthy organisation if you’re full of unhealthy individuals and equally, you can’t be a healthy individual if you work in an unhealthy organisation. The key is to create a healthy organisation with healthy individuals. To do this, we need a new perspective on sustainable high performance.

What constitutes sustainable high performance in the workplace?

We can define high performance in the workplace as high-quality, high-speed work that aligns with organisational goals, values and objectives. However, without factoring individual health and well-being into this, it is unsustainable; individuals will inevitably experience burnout, negatively impacting the quality and quantity of their work, their overall health and ultimately – the success of the organisation overall.

Prioritising employee health and well-being not only attracts top talent; it cultivates loyalty, dedication and contentedness. As we have said before; if your employees believe you care about them, their health and their goals, they too will care about these same areas for your organisation.

This creates an organisational ecosystem that is not only robust but magnetic, resilient and thriving. One where individuals are inspired to go above and beyond to achieve both individual and organisational objectives, and where they feel empowered and supported to take on challenges they might not have otherwise. This environment is conducive to achieving and maintaining sustainable high performance in the workplace.

By partnering with Healthy Place To Work®, organisations can holistically measure, monitor, and manage the critical aspects of sustainable high performance, guiding personal and collective growth and transforming not only individuals but the organisation as a whole.

Organisations will be able to identify areas for growth, encourage ongoing development for both the organisation and its employees, and clear the path to sustainable high performance by adopting this proactive perspective.

Let us partner with you on the journey to sustainable, high performance and help your organisation become a Healthy Place To Work!

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