Boyum IT Solutions certified as a Healthy Place to Work® – the first company ever to do so in Denmark, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Hungary

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Boyum IT Solutions, a global provider of supply chain management software solutions based in Aarhus, Denmark, is proud to announce its certification as a Healthy Place to Work to become a distinguished community of other certified companies worldwide.

Healthy Place to Work® is the global standard for healthy workplaces, whose mission is to make work healthy. They do so by assessing organizations holistically according to four key criteria of workplace health: Purpose, Connection, Mental Resilience, and Physical Health. The certification is given to organizations that match or surpass the relevant global benchmark, and that shows a clear commitment to taking actions toward maintaining and improving their workplace health.

Boyum IT is officially the first company to receive the certification in Denmark, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, and Germany, significantly outperforming global benchmark companies in their final health score. Across 7 offices globally, Boyum IT received an 82% health score against the 70% minimum requirement for being certified.

Boyum IT Founder and CEO, Mikael Boyum, is excited about the certification, in particular, because it reflects the success with which the company has managed to create a strong company culture and achieve high levels of employee satisfaction and happiness:

“We are proud and honored to obtain the Healthy Place to Work certification as the first Danish company ever – and, in addition, as the first company in Belgium, Hungary, Spain, and Germany where we also have offices. Our employees are the core of our company – they are the ones living our culture and ultimately those who drive our company forward in the day-to-day business. For many years, we’ve worked hard to establish and nurture our Energy for LIFE culture across our locations, promoting core values of Family, Social, Fit, and Excellence. Staying true to these values and making them meaningful for our employees in their everyday work ensures happiness and continuation at work and makes us a stronger, more solid, and more sustainable company. The certification emphasizes the positive results of working strategically with our culture and with employee satisfaction – namely that our employees are happy and that Boyum IT is a healthy place to work”.

In addition to making assessments and granting certifications, the purpose of the Healthy Place to Work program is to improve workplace health and performance through insights and actionable recommendations.

Nadja Boyum, VP of HR at Boyum IT, sees great potential in implementing learnings from the assessment process:

“Obviously, we’re very proud to get the Healthy Place to Work certification, especially because it represents a global result for Boyum IT which is a quite complex organization with +110 employees, offices in 7 countries, plus freelancers in other countries – employing 29 different nationalities. In other words, Boyum IT comprises a very high level of cultural diversity which must be unified under one common company culture to lead the company in the right direction. The certification indicates our strong ability to implement and ensure the adoption of our culture, even in a dispersed organizational environment, and it will help attract and retain talent in the future. That said, we always want to improve, and we want to increasingly take a strategic approach to workplace health to maintain a healthy and sustainable company. The assessment process and the insights obtained from it have provided us some good direction on how to keep our employees happy, satisfied, motivated, and healthy, and we will continue to improve on all areas going forward.”

For more information, please contact:
Nadja Boyum, VP of HR, tel. +45 28 40 97 31 or
Mikael Boyum, CEO and Founder, tel. +45 28 40 97 30 or

About Boyum IT Solutions

Boyum IT Solutions is the leading Software Solution Partner in the SAP Business One ERP ecosystem, targeting the upper SME segment globally. The company has succeeded in establishing an unmatched distribution network of partners through an attractive product offering and comprehensive partner enablement efforts. Boyum offers 3 award-winning and mission-critical software product families – (1) Boyum: Horizontal software solution enhancing flexibility and user-friendliness of SAP Business One; (2) Beas: Advanced manufacturing software tailored to 13 distinct industry verticals; and (3) Produmex: Logistics/Warehouse management software – along with their Cloud Apps: Modern and lean cloud applications for Product Design and Management, Shop Floor Management, and Quality Control. Boyum IT is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, and employs c. 110 people. For further information about Boyum IT, please visit:

About Healthy Place to Work®

Healthy Place to Work® is a global data analytics company providing insight to organizations focused on workplace health. Providing an evidence-based and data-driven approach to employee health and wellbeing, it supports organizations to deliver a sustainable and resilient workforce and workplace delivering high performance and empowers organizations with the tools, methodology, and expertise to gather, understand, and benchmark the data, enabling a strategic approach to workplace health. It uses a holistic model focused on the factors that build work capacity. It certifies healthy workplaces allowing them to attract and retain talent.