Global research shows that prioritising, health & wellbeing of employees delivers optimum output & performance

Great to see an article today in The Irish Times about new Global Research revealing the importance of the health and well-being of employees to deliver optimum output and performance.

The research was carried out by Healthy Place To Work® and was analysed by Trinity College Dublin, with over 6,000 responses from employees in 18 companies across eight countries.

The research revealed that four aspects, financial, social, psychological, and physical health all have a major impact on an employee’s general health and desire to remain with their organisation. In addition, it lowers sick absence, which is an essential component of an organisation’s success and performance. Another finding is that providing work autonomy and manageable job expectations is essential in encouraging employee well-being.

The findings serve as a wake-up call for business executives to take significant steps towards prioritising workforce/workplace health in the knowledge that it will over time, deliver sustainable high performance.

Commenting on these findings, John Ryan, Global CEO of Healthy Place To Work® said:

“This change needs to start with the leaders at the top of the organisation in order to have a positive impact on the organisation as a whole. It is imperative that business leaders prioritise the health and well-being of staff and they should employ a strategic approach in order to do this. Healthy leadership is the key to success – it is not about words but actions, it is not about programmes but embedded changes, it is not just ‘nice to have’, but essential.”

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