Grapevine Event – 7 Key Ways That Organisations Get Their Health and Wellness Programmes Wrong

Thank you to all who attended the event yesterday, we had a fantastic reception. If you missed it, Healthy Place to Work CEO John Ryan was joined by HR Grapevine to discuss key areas which are often overlooked by companies with regard to organisational health. 

Too often organisations have a superficial and outdated view on health and believe it is about implementing health and safety legislation, fruit in the office, maybe desk yoga, cycle to work schemes, mental Health talks or well-being days. This is simply not a sufficient solution for the modern working environment. Change needs to be led from the top. Top Management needs to be committed and act as role models.

Our thanks to HR Grapevine for working with us to present and share our appreciation for the steps to creating a more strategic approach to employee health and wellbeing.