The recent event in partnership with the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NI Chamber) focusing on How to Increase Organisation Performance by Focusing on Employee Wellbeing was a great success. The 70-minute session features John Ryan, founder and CEO of Healthy Place to Work breaks down what the Healthy Place to Work aims to achieve in business today. The focus of this event is how businesses must look after the health of their workforce and why it is particularly important now. Attendees loved listening to the real lived experience of Hughes Insurance and Version 1 and the impact of using the Healthy Place to Work Framework to drive organisational performance.

The 4 key segments of the session are below:

Leaders need to create healthy cultures

John Ryan, Founder and CEO, Healthy Place to Work

20-minute interview

Topics covered:

The key areas where businesses can increase organisation performance and where they can go wrong in their approach to employee health and wellbeing. What these areas are, how the mistakes can be avoided and what the solutions are.

Responding to the Pandemic

Sarah Balmforth, HR Director, Hughes Insurance

10-minute interview

Topics covered:
What made Hughes Insurance decide to become a Healthy Place to Work. What steps were taken in terms of health and wellbeing. The role Healthy Place to Work played within their organisation and the response to this.

Our Healthy Journey so far

Lorna McAdoo, Director, Business Development and Operations, Version 1

10-minute interview

Topics covered:
The employee health and wellbeing journey of Version 1 so far. How employee health and wellbeing has been integrated as a core focus area in the business strategy. How this journey has impacted their business performance.

Post-Pandemic Workplace, Business Benefits

Panel Discussion

10-minute interview

Topics covered:
What the business benefits Healthy Place to Work can provide
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