Nordisk Valideringsforum becomes first Swedish company to be officially certified as a Healthy Place To Work®

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Following the formal launch of Healthy Place To Work® in Sweden, Nordisk Valideringsforum has become the first organisation in Sweden to achieve the Healthy Place To Work certification.

Eva Martin, CEO for Healthy Place To Work Sweden®, said:

“I am happy that the first organisation in Sweden has gone through our process and officially become a Healthy Place to Work. The past year has focused on the importance of having a healthy organisation both physically and mentally. In order for management to understand the health and well-being of their organisations, a strategic approach must be applied. Healthy Place to Work provides this approach and enables organisations to step in and take greater responsibility for employee health and create sustainable workplaces, more and more organisations are showing a willingness to work at both an individual level and society at large.”

Founded in 2021 by John Ryan, Healthy Place To Work has provided an evidence-based and data-driven strategic approach to organisational health and well-being that has helped it become the global standard for workplace health.

In order to be accredited, an organisation must involve its staff in the completion of a thorough survey spanning four unique pillars—purpose, mental resilience, connection, and physical health. This survey will give the organisation insight into how their employees feel about their workplace. After that, the organisation will receive practical information from the findings along with a development plan that includes practice benchmarks, in-depth feedback on recognized strengths and shortcomings, and avenues for improvement. Once these issues have been addressed and remedied accordingly, an organisation will then be certified as a Healthy Place To Work.

Åsa Pontén, CFO at Nordisk Valideringsforum, said:

“The amount of data we received from the process was insightful and detailed. We are now delving into the areas identified as areas of development and will use this to update our health and wellbeing strategy. The advice and guidance we have received has been brilliant and I am convinced that the well-being of our employees will increase because we went through this process.”

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