5 Tips on How to Make Work Healthy: #1 Show up healthy


Showing up to work as a healthy employee is of paramount importance to both an organization’s and employee’s continued success. 


Healthy employees are an organization’s greatest asset. Not only does being healthy reduce sick days and the costs associated with them, but it can also have a positive impact on your happiness, productivity, and efficiency at work and beyond. A healthy workforce can lead to higher morale, improved job satisfaction/retention and enhanced creativity. 


Employees who take care of their health make sure that they have the physical energy and mental fortitude it takes to succeed in the workplace. But what goes into showing up healthy? 


Eating healthy is a good start – as it can reduce stress, improve focus and concentration and help regulate your mood. Another option is regular exercise, which can relieve the stiffness and tension that come with long hours in front of a computer or at a desk. It can also boost a person’s energy level and mental clarity. 


Organizations can also help with this process – by promoting a healthy work/life balance, employees can benefit from an environment that facilitates well-being, increased productivity, and enhanced creativity and morale. From providing access to gyms to offering healthy snacks in the breakroom, or organizing team activities such as walks, hikes, and outdoor treks – organizations can encourage their employees to make wellbeing a top priority. 


Showing up healthy is at the root of job satisfaction, productivity and overall success in the workplace, and as an employee, it’s important to make it a top priority. As an organization, it’s also important to remember that an investment in employee health and well-being is an investment in improving organizational performance. 


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