Workshop 1

Shining the light on exemplars!

In this workshop we share stories and practices from organisations all over the world who are doing things a little differently to create a healthy place for their employees.

From outdoor and adventure clothing company Patagonia to consumer goods giant Unilever, from French construction and telecoms group Bouygues to music distributors and artist management Sony Music, from Brazilian Almond producers to Italian fashion houses, from Seattle based payments company to Indian digital services consultancy we will share ideas to inspire from large and small organisations across a range of industries. We don’t do this to encourage you to copy their approach but rather to inspire you to create your own!

Workshop 2

Creating a Healthy Place to Work Development Plan

This workshop takes attendees through an interactive session, helping them understand how to build a Healthy Place to Work Development Plan.

We discuss the model and methodology and how to integrate your plan into your organisational strategy. You will learn the importance of focusing on your presenting issues and developing a vision for your journey. We also cover topics around promotion, communication, engaging hearts and minds and evaluating outcomes. A healthy place to work doesn’t just happen by accident it takes a brilliant plan, executed brilliantly.

Workshop 3

Getting Wellness Wrong!

This workshop will hopefully save you a lot of time energy and embarrassment! We share the top mistakes that organisations all over the globe are making when trying to implement Health and Wellbeing strategies.

As a bonus we share our views on what you can do to learn from other people’s failures and accelerate your success. In this session you’ll figure out how to launch, manage and evaluate your journey to becoming a healthy place to work.

Workshop 4

Back to Basics – How to create a Healthy Place to Work & Get Certified!

So, you want to keep your team and attract top talent from a very competitive marketplace! You’ve realised that present and future employees are putting their health and wellbeing as a top priority, and they will only deploy their skills at a Healthy Place to Work.

You know need a crash course. We explain the philosophy, model, and methodology of Healthy Place to Work. We help you to understand why some organisations get certified and why others don’t. We pack you full of know how and download our knowledge to accelerate your journey to creating a healthy place to work at your place of work.

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